wwwer.org is a simple service for redirections from non-www to www domains.


Wait, what?

Some services are only working properly if you use a CNAME record to connect your domain with these services. Subdomainless addresses are usually connected with A and/or AAAA records. ALIAS or ANAME records are not supported by every DNS provider. And it is a good idea.


Use the IP address for the content of an A record for your domain. If you’re able to add AAAA records, use [2001:bc8:1830:154::1] as well.


  1. We support IPv6.
  2. We support HTTP/2.
  3. We support HTTPS. (With Let’s Encrypt)



If you have any questions feel free to contact us: wwwer@proux.net


This service is provided “as is” and “as available” (see our status page). We do not collect any personal information. You accept the Let’s Encrypt Subscriber Agreement with the use of this service.

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